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The pool

“A well-designed pool can be a restful, soothing, and sophisticated water element in a landscape,”

said Archontis Karakostantis, a prominent Architect…

Having that in mind we added this element in our garden, to enhance its beauty and serenity. Whether it’s relaxation time that you are after, improving your fitness by swimming laps or entertaining the kids, this pool truly ticks all the boxes. The pool features a counter-current powerful water jet that runs down the center of the pool, similar to the current in a river, allowing you to swim in place endlessly without making turn after turn to disrupt your flow. On the shallow end one can relax and indulge on the massage water nozzles.
Adding the health factor to all the above we chose to sanitize the pool water with a salt electrolysis system, avoiding the harshness of the chlorine on the skin and eyes.